The New Leaf Genesis Fund
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Our Investment goes beyond money

Building investor wealth by investing in diversified venture capital-backed companies in the Seed to Series A stage with asymmetric growth potential.

Focusing on businesses with people who bring disruptive ideas to the market.

Empowering startup founders with capital and the power of our deep network.


Genesis Fund focuses on remarkable founders who are building companies to tackle meaningful problems.

Identifying strategic thinkers with strong work ethics across all sectors.

Targeting hands-on entrepreneurs who want to keep running their businesses. We help when needed.

Powering investees to financial success using our capital, expertise and deep network.

Our Track Record

Our Managing Partners are accomplished entrepreneurs, investors and versatile leaders with over 60 years of Management experience growing, managing and developing high-performing teams of talented professionals.

We’ve built over 10 companies from the ground up into best-in-class organizations generating as much as 30 million in annual revenue with over 100 employees.

Our partners have raised in excess of $60 million dollars combined leading numerous investment groups with a proven track record of successful ventures and profitable exits.

Why Investors and Founders
Choose Us

Hanes Singh
Founder & CEO

The New Leaf team has been a breath of fresh air from the first meeting.  They genuinely want to support companies over the long haul to make real change in needed industries.  Their assessment was both analytical and intuitive, involving industry experts as well as an assessment of our culture and intentions. We truly appreciated that approach.  I'm thankful to have the New Leaf team as a partner in this journey --- they truly are one text message away at any time.

Miranda Wang
Co-Founder & CEO

I am grateful that I get to work with the New Leaf team. They have the ability to parse through the noise and develop intuitive conviction on quality ventures across diverse domains. The New Leaf team asks excellent questions and truly wants to make a positive impact on the world.

Michael Klotsman, PhD
Founder & CEO

The team at New Leaf was very thorough in their due diligence, which included domain experts who asked thoughtful questions, yet they were able to move quickly and efficiently. As investors, New Leaf continues to ask thoughtful questions and is quick & responsive towards supporting our needs.

Subhashish Dutta
Founder & CEO

Since partnering with New Leaf, our team has developed a strong appreciation for the significant role the right investor plays in the overall success of a new venture.  In the months preceding their investment, New Leaf spent the necessary time to gain a deep understanding of our niche products and unconventional business structure. This group has proven to be more than simply a stakeholder; they have become a vital strategic partner, and key component, in our long-term strategy.

New Leaf Ventures was founded in July 2022 by three established entrepreneurs, investors and longtime friends with reputations for disrupting the status quo. The partners have extensive backgrounds in investing in and creating successful businesses in various sectors.

Fund Managers

Mike Schatzman
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Mike is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and versatile leader with over 20 years of management experience. He has led numerous investment groups and is a proven executive who has demonstrated the ability to grow, manage and develop high-performing teams of talented professionals.

Ken Fredrickson, MS
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Ken Fredrickson is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and accomplished business executive with over 20 years of experience. He has raised over 30 million leading numerous investment groups though extremely profitable exits...

Josh Yelen, CPA
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Josh Yelen is an established business executive, entrepreneur, and investor. He previously co-found two Biotech companies focused on drug and device discovery during which he raised angel and series A rounds of $3.1M and $15M, respectively...

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board consists of subject matter experts with decades of experience in venture capital, private equity, and financial services.

Carl Toriello
Advisory Board

Carl is the retired President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer, and co-founder of Jefferies Finance, a company he founded in 2004...

Andrew Harrison
Advisory Board

Andrew is an experienced operator, investor, and CPG marketer with over 15 years of experience...

Cem Karsan
Advisory Board

Cem is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of KAI Volatility Advisors. He is responsible for firm-wide management...

Scott Wilson
Advisory Board

Scott Wilson is the Founder and CEO of MINIMAL, an award-winning design and engineering firm with a decade of experience...

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